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Woo! Yay! to nerdcore – please marvel at my b3ta collection (ca. 2002/2003)

14. Februar 2009

B3ta.com is still around, even though the „Woo! Yays!“ have seemingly come out of fashion on the board, which is a shame and dire loss for web culture! (EDIT: I just found there is a single one left on woo-yay.net!)

I got in a twitter conversation about b3ta yesterday with @dnlplus – apparently, he used to be quite fond of b3ta too, back in the day, and apparently, we both created ostriches at the time (there must have been an ostrich fad on the b3ta boards back then).

Please have a look at his b3ta gallery here! Roger is my favourite – the rest can hardly be understood out of context, as b3ta posts often offer comment to ongoing political and cultural debates.

After having paid a visit to his gallery, I figured: „Hey, I should have a backup of my old PC somewhere on a CD – and wasn’t there a folder with b3ta images, too, somewhere?“ Yes, there was – at least the pics that I dared to publish have been preserved. I also found a link to one of my old posts (I did get some woos at least, even though no yays:o) – the pics can of course no longer be retrieved on the site. Remember there was no Flickr around back then – you could only participate if you had your own ftp directory to upload the images too, and of course I have abandoned it years ago).

Take in my gallery here (animated gifs – woo! yay!)

The other read meat

emu protection league

kitty ostrich

Caption for the pic above was: „No matter how hard she tried, Claudette never managed to get John’s attention.“

Another temporary fad on b3ta were images with a caption or text bubble that read asdfg… – like this one:

asdf kitty

The story behind it: Those were the first and last words of a user named repcak who never posted a message again (I took a screenshot back then):

adsfg prehistroy

Imagine how small web communities must have been then, if the single message of a single user could provoke such a commotion!

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