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Your Weekly Address from the President-Elect – Barack Obama’s social media identities

16. November 2008

Before talking about Your Weekly Address from the President-Elect, just a brief note regarding language: I deliberately started blogging in German at the beginning of this year, and at the same time also deliberately stopped blogging anonymously. While I don’t miss the anonymity at all (or rather: find nonymity to be very rewarding, even if it comes with a bit of self-censorship; but keeping some thoughts to yourself is not a bad idea, after all), I ever more often feel like I’d rather go back to blogging in English. In particular when blogging about things that come to me in an anglosaxon, anglophone context, for instance: the US-elections and the President-Elect Barack Obama. I think I am now going to go for a mix of both languages – English is going to become all the more important as the language of global social media anyway, giving you more options to connect with others and across more contexts

Going back to the topic – the YouTube video Your Weekly Address from the President-Elect – today is the 16th of November, the video below was posted yesterday and is currently at the top of the viral video chart with more than half a million views so far:

It was posted by YouTube Account ChangeDotGov; making the promise to deliver a new speech every week is pretty bold. They better live up to it! Regarding the name of the account, it is associated with the URL change.gov – The Obama-Biden Transition Team, and my guess is that both the URL and the YouTube-Account will fall idle after Jan 20, 2009, when Obama is going to be inaugurated as the 44th president of the US.

A release by the Associated Press posted three days ago discussed Obama’s social media strategy and already hinted at the possibility of a Youtube speech to go live every Saturday – and how this turns around the hierachies of the traditional news ecology:

Such direct online contact with voters could also present a challenge for reporters covering Obama, since the new president will in many ways be able to bypass traditional media while also taking advantage of it to reinforce his online messaging.

„He can do a half-hour YouTube address every Saturday, addressing millions,“ Trippi said. „The networks would never give the president that much television time each week, but the press is still going to have to cover what he says on YouTube.“

N.B.: Saturday’s video is only 3.5 minutes long, and I hope they’re going to leave it at that! Having to crank out half an hour every week, and having to sit through half an hour every week alike, can be a pretty daunting task!

It is interesting to see how the Obama campaigners use different accounts (and personas) to rally around different causes – the YouTube account previously used as Barack Obama’s social media outlet was BarackObamaDotCom, and the last message posted here was the Obama victory speech on Election night (by the way: the YouTube Account PresidentBarackObama has been suspended, but user PresidentObama already has four subscriber, one of them a certain Sara Palin 😛 )

The twitter account BarackObama, likewise, fell silent on Nov 5th, after the purpose for which it had been created was achieved. The last tweet reads:

We just made history. All of this happened because you gave your time, talent and passion. All of this happened because of you. Thanks

Tim O’Reilly proposed a tweet campaign yesterday to get the Obama team back into Twitter:

Let’s do a tweet campaign. Everyone send a message to @barackobama asking for a resumption of tweeting. And listening to tweets!

Again, my guess would be that Barack Obama’s twitter comes back to life on Jan 20. In the meantime, let’s keep an eye on Twitter User changedotgov – it seems as if a certain Matt Browne (mattsurfs) is the cyber squatter, but maybe he’ll donate it to the President-Elect for the promise of getting back on Twitter!

People just need their daily Obama media fix!

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  1. 16. November 2008 11:12 pm

    How cool!

    People just need their daily Obama media fix!

    How true!

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